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Gun Selection Class

Buying a handgun not as easy as buying a pair of shoes.

McKinney, Texas – Due to increased terrorist incidents and high profile shootings, scores of Americans are lining up to purchase their first handgun for self-protection. Many first time gun buyers have no idea what the right gun for them would be. Hundreds of choices and opinions only make the situation more confusing. Handgun instructor Mike Campbell has developed an innovative class to help people decide what handgun is best for them.
“When I was teaching handgun shooting full time, my two co-instructors and I would see about 18 wrongly purchased handguns a week. Guns where the owner couldn’t reach the trigger, pull the trigger, operate the controls, take it apart, find ammo for it, and many other issues. I don’t like seeing people frustrated that they have wasted money. So I developed a course to ensure people wouldn’t make expensive mistakes.” says Campbell. Campbell is also a personal fitness trainer, and he uses his knowledge of anatomy to fit individuals to certain handguns by measuring student’s hands and various gun dimensions. “I was thinking how crazy it is that we buy a pair of shoes based on our foot size, but we will buy a $600 + gun that won’t fit our hands.” Campbell adds.
Campbell begins class by measuring each student’s hands at two key points. He then asks the students to define their purpose for the handgun, so that they can get the most out of the rest of the course and zero in on their best choice. The class features an extensive 18 point checklist that each student uses to evaluate what they are looking for in a handgun. Campbell stays neutral and presents the facts and methods so that the student’s choice is solely his or her own. Class ends with a section on iconic movie & TV handguns, and how they have influenced gun purchasing. There is also be a trivia question and a prize awarded to whoever gets it right.

Course Details

Gun Selection: How to Select the Right Handgun for You is held at the 1911 Academy Of Firearms And Training, starts Thursday August 4th 2016, and runs from 6 pm – 8:30 pm. To reserve a spot, visit, call (214)856-3976 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Cost of the course is $80.00.

Contact Info:
1911 Academy Of Firearms And Training
1971 University Business Drive Suite 109
McKinney Texas 75071