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Lee Shaw

"I met Charles Burford, the master gunsmith at 1911 Academy, at a charity clay shoot. After the first station he took me aside and had me shoulder my gun. He told me the gun was too short for me and I should look into adding an extension that would also allow me to cast the gun. I told him I had been shooting the gun for over 12 years and was a solid shot (I hit 66/100 that day). That said he wasn’t the first one to tell me the gun was too short so I decided to let him add the extension. Once he was done he personally fitted the gun to me and had me shoot a number of rounds at a patterning board until he was satisfied with the fit. What an amazing difference it made! I went back to the same clay range and shot 81/100 and my shooting in dove fields improved dramatically. Charles and the staff at 1911 Academy know their stuff and I highly recommend them."
Lee Shaw